Monthly Archives: July 2022

Leo and their Strategy

Of all chess players, Fabiano Caruana is currently the most well-known Leo. We do, however, have a second one in the wings with Praggnanandhaa. But Judit Polgar and Mikhail Botvinnik, two other notable Leo’s, tower over both players. The world champion and top female chess player have contributed to the development of the game massively. […]

Endgame riddle solved: Bronstein could have won against Fischer at Portoroz 1958

A few weeks ago, Karsten Müller invited readers to analyze an interesting endgame that occurred in a game Bobby Fischer and David Bronstein played at the Interzonal Tournament Portoroz 1958. Bronstein was better but could not convert his advantage, and this crucial draw later helped Fischer to qualify for the Candidates. However, according to the […]

Chennai Olympiad: Live!

The biggest-ever Chess Olympiad is taking place in Chennai from July 29 to August 9. A record 188 teams in the open and 162 teams in the women’s category are fighting for collective and individual medals. The United States team is the clear favourite in the open, while the locals from India are the top […]

Zhansaya, the shimmering star (I)

For Kazakh rising star Zhansaya Abdumalik, 2021 was probably one of the most significant years of her life. It was filled with achievements that would impact both her personal and professional life. After turning 21 years old, she convincingly won the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix tournament in Gibraltar and was elected as deputy in her […]