Monthly Archives: March 2023

Impressions from the Reykjavik Open

When they hear ‘Reykjavik Open’, many chess players spontaneously express the wish to be there. Our author Gerd Densing belongs to this group: he is currently in the Icelandic capital, playing in the tournament, writing and taking photographs. In the first three rounds, he has met not only the rating favourite, Vasyl Ivanchuk (photo), but […]

Interview with the Pep Guardiola of chess – R. B. Ramesh

I had the incredible opportunity to interview R.B. Ramesh, one of the world’s most renowned and accomplished chess coaches. Ramesh has trained many of India’s top players, including former World Champion Vishwanathan Anand, and has helped mold the country into a chess powerhouse. In our interview, Ramesh shared his insights on a range of topics, […]

Women’s Candidates: Lei grinds down Tan and ties the match

Employing impressive technique in the second game, Lei Tingjie relentlessly jumped back into the match at the Women’s Candidates Final in Chongqing. After nearly six hours of play and seventy gruelling moves, with everything pointing towards a draw, a last-minute mistake by Tan Zhongyi in severe time trouble put the 1-1 result on the scoreboard. […]

New Delhi GP: Four decisive results

The Women’s Grand Prix in New Delhi saw its fourth round being played on Wednesday. Former leader Bibisara Assaubayeva was defeated by Aleksandra Goryachkina. Zhu Jiner, who beat Humpy Koneru, and Polina Shuvalova (pictured), who beat Nana Dzagnidze, now top the standings with 2½/4 points each. In addition, Kateryna Lagno defeated Vaishali Rameshbabu. | Photo: […]