Monthly Archives: June 2023

GCL Day 9: Aronian astounds Carlsen and Nepo, Triveni Continental Kings jump to third place

Levon Aronian has beaten Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi in three consecutive must-win situations. Today he defeated Carlsen and Nepo in consecutive games. While the World no.1 allowed the two-time World Cup winner to score a quick 27-move victory, against Nepo he had to grind in the endgame and wait till the former […]

Who will win in Prague?

The Prague Chess Festival is drawing to a close, but after eight of nine rounds the battle for tournament victory is still wide open. In the Masters, Bogdan-Daniel Deac (pictured) and Ray Robson lead with 5 out of 8 each, but theoretically five more players have a chance of sharing first place. In the Challengers, […]

Niemann’s $100 million lawsuit

Readers will recall the scandal that shook the chess world, when Magnus Carlsen stated he thought US GM Hans Niemann had cheated against him. In spite of endless amounts of speculation and hand-waving, no evidence was ever produced, and Niemann struck back with an eye-watering $100 million-dollar lawsuit. The verdict is in.