Monthly Archives: July 2023

FIDE World Cup – Live!

For the second time, a Women’s World Cup is being played concurrently with the already traditional massive, biennial World Cup. The knockout events are held from July 30 to August 27 at the Marriott Hotel Boulevard in Baku, Azerbaijan. Follow the action live with expert commentary starting at 13.00 CEST (7.00 ET, 15.30 IST). | […]

Study of the Month: Kaleidoscope III

Two years ago, we had a collection of “random” endgame studies, a small kaleidoscope, in January, and then again in July. With the vast number of different possibilities in endgame studies, many creations wouldn’t fit into a coherent article, so let us take this approach again. | Pictured: Mikhail Botvinnik during his match for the […]

Visiting Johannes Zukertort’s grave

Johannes Zukertort played the first “Competition for the World Chess Championship” against Wilhelm Steinitz in 1886. He lost the match, fell ill during the match and never recovered. He died two years later in London. His grave in Brompton Cemetery in London was forgotten until Stuart Conquest rediscovered it. This is the story about it. […]

Chess in outer space

Astronaut Woody Hoburg, a chess enthusiast, is currently on the International Space Station (ISS) with his team. Amid their dense schedule, they manage to find some time for chess. Hoburg plays a remote game against the control centre in Houston and sometimes against his Russian colleague Sergey Prokopyev. Never has it been so important for […]