Karsten Müller’s Endgame Dictionary: The “Knight Check Shadow”

There are so many endgame terms that Karsten Müller decided to gather them in a slowly growing “Endgame Dictionary”, in which he explains these terms with short videos and practical examples. This time, Karsten explains what a “Knight Check Shadow” is. Admittedly, at first glance this is an unusual and somewhat unwieldy term, but it […]

The Fritz 18 Brilliancy Winners!

At the end of last year, ChessBase launched a Fritz 18 brilliancy competition, and the winners have now been drawn. We got games from 30 years ago, including photos of original documents, online blitz games and many games against the new Fritz 18 engine. The winners will receive private training with GM Kasimdzhanov, an online […]

The Winning Academy 4: Handcuffs for your opponent

What is the soul of chess? André Philidor back in the 18th century answered: “Pawns!” Aaron Nimzowitsch a century ago claimed in My System: “Overprotection of strategically important squares.” Jan Markos’ answer to this question is rather different. He is convinced that the essence of chess manifests itself best in domination. | Photo: Evan Amos […]