Sigrun Øen (1963-2024)

It was announced today that Magnus Carlsen’s mother, Sigrun Øen, died on Monday after a long illness surrounded by her family. Sigrun Øen was a chemist, but gave up her profession after the birth of her children, and accompanied her son Magnus Carlsen together with her husband and daughters to numerous chess tournaments. Sigrun Øen […]

Swedish Championship: Vitaly Sivuk retains title

The Swedish Championship 2024 featured several categories, from a youth tournament to the Sverigemästarklassen, a round-robin tournament with classical time control for Sweden’s top chess players. The tournament took place in Växjö from June 28 to July 7. GM Vitaly Sivuk defended his national title by obtaining an undefeated 6½/9 score. Jonny Hector, who had […]

Master Class 17: Boris the Greatest

One thing was certain: when Boris Spassky sat down at the chessboard, something extraordinary happened. The 17th edition of the ChessBase Master Class series presents a detailed portrait of the tenth World Champion. The interactive features of the e-book offer the opportunity to actively relive important phases of his unique career …