CBM #202 Special: Jan Timman

The “Special” of the new ChessBase Magazine #202 is dedicated to Jan Timman, the Dutch legend who will celebrate his 70th birthday this year. “My favourite Timman game” features an exquisite selection of a total of 25 victories annotated by our authors, containing some very personal notes: “… Timman appeared to incorporate a mixture of the hippie, the free spirit and the chess artist, and despite that was world class over the board” (Martin Breutigam). David Navara, Adhiban Baskaran, Yannick Pelletier, Krishnan Sasikiran and many others have contributed to the “Special” of this issue. Today, we present you Igor Stohl’s analysis of the game Nigel Short – Jan Timman from Linares 1992. Enjoy!

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