Champions Chess Tour Final: Carlsen at the finish line

In the 6th round of the “Meltwater Champions Chess Tour” played on Friday Wesley So has suffered a significant setback, which may prove to be decisive: In his 1:3 against Teimour Radjabov, Wesley So, 2nd in the standings, failed to score, while Carlsen, still occupying the top spot, extended his lead by two more points in the overall ranking thanks to his victory (in a tiebreak) against Anish Giri. The world champion’s lead over So is now 7 points – almost insurmountable given that there is only a maximum of 9 points still to be earned. The tournament organizers might therefore soon proclaim Magnus Carlsen as the “world’s top online chess player” as the potential winner of the tournament. | Fotos: Play Magnus Group

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