FIDE Ethics imposes a six-month ban on Karjakin

In reaction to public statements made by Sergey Karjakin about the war in Ukraine, the FIDE and Ethics and Disciplinary Commission banned Karjakin for six months “from participating as a player in any FIDE rated chess competition, taking effect from the date of this decision, 21 March 2022.” Therefore, Karjakin will not be able to play in the Candidates Tournament that is scheduled to take place from 16 June to 7 July in Madrid, Spain. Grandmaster Sergei Shipov, who regularly works as a commentator, was not banned by FIDE for his statements about the war because “in comparison with Sergey Karjakin, Sergei Shipov is considerably less known and has, therefore, a less powerful platform.” | Picture: Sergey Karjakin, Sergei Shipov | Picture: FIDE

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