“Let’s make 5…c5 the main line against 5.Bd2!”

It was just a few weeks ago that Markus Ragger published a complete repertoire on two FritzTrainers for his favourite opening against 1.d4: the Gruenfeld Defence. In the new ChessBase Magazine #205 he provides an update on the variation with 5.Bd2, since the new idea of 5…c5 has recently proved very attractive at the highest level. Among others, it was used by Carlsen, Giri and Dubov. While Markus Ragger in his FritzTrainer still recommends the common and still fully valid continuation 5…Bg7, his appeal in ChessBase Magazine is clear: “Let’s make 5…c5 the main line against 5.Bd2!” You can watch an excerpt from his video analysis here!

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