The girl who broke all the barriers: Judit Polgar, the Queen of Chess

In the third episode of the series “Olympiad stories with Saravanan”, IM Sagar Shah and IM Venkata Saravanan discuss Judit Polgar’s flabbergasting 12½/13 performance in the 1988 Thessolanki Olympiad. Judit was rated 2365 FIDE at the time, with rating lists coming out every six months. Not only did Hungary sweep the championship to take gold and defeat the all-powerful Soviet chess team, but Judit had an incredible 2694 performance, and she was barely twelve years old. To better put this in perspective, you need to realize that, in 1988, only two players in the world had 2700+ ratings: Kasparov and Karpov. | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

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